“each shadow, filed in only to exchange a dented, malfunctioning version of himself or another, just as futureless, automotive projections of somebody else’s life.”

Thomas Pynchon, Crying in Lot 49


My studio practice questions the concept of security by manipulating uniformity. Mass produced objects such as cars, clothes and furniture are substitutes for the body and induce visceral reactions from irregularities. I am attracted to materials that degrade from their purpose or discarded for updated versions of themselves. These qualities become devices working inside of a new narrative that anticipates the loss of identity and self-deprivation in order to recognize what we dread. It is inside society’s incongruity that we can unveil what defines us most.

Sarah Harford is a sculpture installation artist & educator currently working & living in St. Louis, Missouri. Her work uses imagery from gendered objects to uncover layers such as color, form, & subjugation under archetypal symbolism embedded in our nation’s norm. She currently manages the art workshops/ classes programs and studios at Laumeier Sculpture Park in St. Louis, Missouri.